fp4 At the turn of the decade Robert Harrison aka “Bobby Does Dylan” decided that he was going to start a journey into the world of Bob Dylan.  His life had taken him through the world of music and of recent years, film, but now he was turning his attention to becoming Bob Dylan.  He started off low-key performing to close friends who remarked on how similar his style was to the old style of Bob Dylan, but he still had a long way to go on this one.  Robert spent the next year working daily on Bob’s songs, resulting in bleeding fingers and a raspy throat.

But after so long Robert decided he would increase his viewership for his act and took to a local pub at the request of a close friend.  His first live performance went down well with the audiences and he began to realise he was on to a good thing.  There was one last thing he had to do before taking his act from the house to the stage and that was to decide on a name for his act.  The one that came to mind and seemed to stick was “Bobby Does Dylan”.

By this time Bobby had compiled himself enough songs to do a half hour set of Bob Dylan hits, but would have to increase that a little further when it came to his first gig, which was to be the Tall Ships event in Greenock.  Bobby who was pretty much an unknown persuaded the organisers to give him a go by recording a demo for them to hear.  They loved it, so to Bobby’s delight, they booked him for his first gig.  The stage was set at The Sugarsheds which was reminiscent of Dylans famous “New Port Folk Festival” gig from the 60′s so it was a perfect first gig for the Dylan tribute act.   The gig was recorded by Bobby’s personal film crew and a documentary and can be seen here: (Tall Ships Documentary).  After the Sugarsheds gig  Bobby came to the rescue later that afternoon when he filled in for an act that dropped out at the last minute. Organisers were happy that Bob was able to drop in and help them fill the slot for them.

img_9124 After the tall ships Bobby got his head down and built on his impressive list of songs.  He performed at various charity events and was invited to play at Oran Mor’s Whisky bar, which went down a storm.  Also in attendance that night was Kevin Bridges who gave his act a thumbs up.  Flicker Magazine had a reviewer in attendance that night, and he was so impressed with his act that he was converted to Bob Dylan Songs.  To see his interview click here.

Moving in to 2013 and Bobby looked to stretch his repertoire of songs.  He went deep underground and when he came back he had mastered the extremely difficult song, The Hurricane, which lasts just under ten minutes.  He started off the year playing at his local town, Greenock where fans braved the snowy weather to see his performance.  Once the Summer time came the snow would seem a distant problem as he was invited to play at the West End Festival at Oran Mor.  It was a glorious sunny day and the Oran Mor Garden was packed to capacity that numbers had to gather outside to watch the performance.  Dylan fans and music lovers sat soaking up the sunshine, drinking beer and singing along to “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Blowing in the Wind” at this amazing open air concert. (Click here to see a video of Bobby performing at the Oran Mor, filmed by an attendee who could not get in to the main venue)  It was to be a tri-fector at the Oran Mor in 2013 as a week later Bobby played at the Whisky Bar to a packed out audience as well as being invited to play at the 2013 Whisky Awards, which took place in the grand venue of the Oran Mor auditorium later in the year.

Bobby returned to his hometown playing at The new venue, The Albany Theatre and also going inside to Gateside Prison where he performed to the inmates to wrap up 2013 with a bang!  In 2014 he prepared for the Biggest Bob Dylan Festival in Europe, which takes place in Moville, Ireland.  This 4 day yearly event is fun filled weekend celebrating the works of Bob Dylan.  Bob Dylan fans and enthusiasts come together and share their love of Bob Dylan whilst taking in the amazing tribute acts that are put on.  This was Bobby’s first trip there and he went down a storm!  He performed two shows at St. Eugene’s Hall and finished off at the Caiseal Mara Hotel.  Bobby will be returning to the Caiseal Mara Hotel next year with his show of music and light to play at the 2015 Dylan Fest from the 27th-30th of August.  Take yourself back to the 1960s and 70s this August and don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Bobby is expected to do more gigs as the year progresses and is working on new songs to add to his collection of classic hits.  Keep an eye on the website for future events and news on Bobby Does Dylan.