Bobby Travels to Ireland

dylan_black_and_white_walking_deadBobby Does Dylan, the man Bob Dylan himself demanded to see, traveled to Moville in Ireland last night to help plan this year’s DylanFest with the Caiseal Mara and other pub owners.

The meeting Drew in musicians from all over including the guys from Ireland’s top Dylan band, Blowins In The Wind who had traveled up from  Sligo hoping to get a gig for the DylanFest.

Bobby set up in the small function room in the Caiseal Mara and played his Dylan set there tonight as a warm up teaser for the coming event in August.

It’s a shame it was only a Monday night, but Robert is in big demand in Scotland and plays most weekends in his home country. He played Edinburgh at the weekend and will play again this year at the Caiseal Mara Hotel at Dylan Fest.

Bobby previously played top of the bill at the West End Festival in Oran Mor in Glasgow in front of 9,000 people.