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img_8259 Bobby Does Dylan has recently finished a trio of great gigs.  It all started off on the 7th of June when Bobby was invited to play at a fund raising event for John Stuart’s Dirty Water at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Bobby played as part of the nights activities to help raise funds to get aid in their journey to the Fringe Festival.

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Second up was Bobby’s biggest gig to date.  He played as headline act at the Westend Festival outside The Oran Mor on Sunday the 9th of June.  It was a glorious sunshiny day and there were thousands of people out in mass for the event.  Many people had gathered at The Oran Mor to enjoy a drink at the popular spot in the sunshine.  As Bobby came on slowly and slowly more people began to gather round.  It seems that Bobbys rendition of the well known Bob Dylan songs was drawing in crowds. People were stopping in the street outside the venue and stayed to the end.

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img_0689 And Finally on Monday the 17th of June Bobby played inside The Oran Mor at The Whisky Bar. He was asked back by the management team at Oran Mor due to overwhelming popularity when he played last year. And due to growing popularity Bobby had a much bigger audience at this years events. It was a successful 3-gig tour for June.


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Bobby is looking forward to more concerts in the future. Keep your eye on Bobby Does Dylan Website for future events!


Check out a few videos of Bobby Performing at the event that were filmed at the event by a fan:

Like a Rolling Stone

The House of the Rising Sun

Just Like Tom Thumb Blues


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